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Belfast SEO - 3 Effective Small Business Link Building Techniques

You know your small business can get more revenue by doing more promotion online. Are you link-building shy? Here are three simple ways to break into this important part of SEO so your business can reap the rewards it deserves.

Don’t sleep on link-building. If you do it the right way as we outline below in a few years you will be delighted with the strength and power that you have built for your website. There is no need to be too aggressive. Consistency is the key with so many things in marketing, as Ni SEO explains at - Belfast SEO


Image Link Building

Use image-link building. If your business website has great images on it, check to see what other websites may be using them. Get help finding them by using an online image retrieval service. When you track any links to your images down, contact the website and ask that your company gets a link credit for the image. Instant promotion via link building and you did not even have to spend a dime to get it.

Ranking your images in Google really is underestimated skill and it deserves to be part of your search engine optimisation strategy. Typically the competition is lower in Google images, meaning you can use this angle to get an advantage over your competition.



Partnership Building 

Research any local partnerships you may have online. Look for businesses or organizations that sell or promote some like-kind of product or service. Then ask if they can add a link back to your company website. 

Another way to do this is by providing your partner businesses with testimonials online. These will link back to you through the public endorsement that you provided. Teaming up with partners is a very valuable way to create marketing efficiencies and to expand the reach of your message. There are so many ways that this can be applied, and we urge you to consider this in your marketing plan.



You can get a great amount of free promotion by posting a news release or blog. Let the world know about your new product or service or even just make mention of something newsworthy that may have a controversial edge.

While you might be tempted, try to avoid building your presence online using paid links services. Google is somewhat incapable of tracking every single instance of this, but when it does, it will severely penalise your site. It could result in getting dropped into search engine result oblivion.  

If you use any of the above tactics, however, you can boost your revenue quite easily. All of these are easy enough to do and they do not cost you any money out-of-pocket.

We always recommend that customers take a patient approach to link-building, as when you rush things you rarely achieve the best possible results, particularly with Google search engine optimisation campaigns. Take your time, get quality links and vary the anchor text that you use, beginning with long-tail keywords to get initial traction for your campaign.